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Website Rules and Terms of Service

I. Acceptance of Terms

1. This Agreement contains the text of the Agreement and rules, regulations, sub-service agreements and notices which have been or will be published in future by 1818Lao. All the above contents are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of this Agreement.

2. If you enter 1818Lao and use our service, it means that you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”).

3. 1818Lao exercises discretion to amend the Terms in accordance with business need, and displays the amended Terms in the form of website notice without separate notification to you. The amended Terms shall take effect after being published on 1818Lao website. If you do not agree with relevant amendment, please stop using the service immediately. Otherwise, you will be deemed that you have accepted the amended Terms. It shall be subject to the latest Terms in the event of disputes between you and 1818Lao. 

II. Service Users

You shall be the natural person, legal person, other organizations or business individual with full capacity of civil rights and capacity of behavior corresponding to civil conducts. If you do not have the above subject qualifications, please stop using our services. Otherwise, you and your guardians shall bear the consequences resulting from this. Besides, 1818Lao has right to freeze and cancel your account and claims compensations from you and your guardians. If you register on 1818Lao on behalf of a company or other legal subjects, you shall declare and ensure that you have the right to make the company or legal subject restricted by this Agreement. 

III. Account

1. Registration

After you fill in the information, read and agree with this Agreement, and finish all registration procedures according to the prompts on registration page, or you fill in the information, read and agree to this Agreement and finish all activation programs according to prompts on activation page, or when you actually use 1818Lao’s services in the way that 1818Lao allows, you shall be bound by this Agreement. 

You should know and agree that if you register successfully on this website, you will get your login name. Then you can login in any websites that 1818Lao supports without registering again. You shall hereby expressly authorize that you have authorized 1818Lao to disclose your account information to all websites authorized by 1818Lao when you register successfully. It is convenient for you to use the services of 1818Lao and other websites authorized by 1818Lao.  

When finishing the registration and activation procedure, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, you should update your information in time following the prompts on the corresponding webpage to make your information real, timely, complete and accurate. In case that 1818Lao has reasonable grounds to doubt your information’s correction, accuracy, timeliness and integrity, 1818Lao has right to send you a notification to inquire you or ask you to correct it. Besides, 1818Lao has right to directly delete the corresponding information until the partial or all the services provided by 1818Lao are suspended or terminated. You shall solely undertake any responsibility for any economic and legal losses and adverse consequences caused by the above factors.

2. Account Security

You should be responsible for the confidentiality of your login name and password and bear any responsibility for all the activities performed under your login name and password. You shall agree with the following contents:

 a) In case that anyone uses your login name and password without authorization or any other conditions against confidentiality provisions occur, you should immediately inform 1818Lao and authorize 1818Lao to deal with the situation;

 b) Make sure that you correctly log out the website at the end of each online operation session. 1818Lao shall not undertake responsibility for any losses and damages resulting from your failure to abide by the stipulation. You should know that 1818Lao needs reasonable time to deal with your demands and 1818Lao shall not be responsible for the consequences that occur before 1818Lao takes actions. Unless there are legal provisions or judicial decisions with the consent of 1818Lao, otherwise, your login name and password cannot be transferred, presented and inherited by any means (except property rights and interests related to the account).          

3. The Cancellation of Account

In case you do fraud, display or sell fake commodities, infringe others’ legal rights through any websites of 1818Lao or you seriously breach the stipulations of any websites of 1818Lao, you should agree and authorize that the website has right to disclose the above actions of yours within the scope of 1818Lao. Besides, your login name may be canceled, and you cannot log in any websites of 1818Lao. All the services of the websites of 1818Lao shall be terminated at the same time.  

IV. Service Content

1. 1818Lao Provides Platform Service according to Current Situation

Through the platform service provided by 1818Lao, you can publish transaction information, search for the information of commodities and services, reach trading intention and carry on it, participate in 1818Lao’s activities as well as use other information and technology services.  

Our company will do our best to make you enjoy using 1818Lao. But we can not ensure that we can always predict any technology problems and other difficulties that may make data lost or interrupt services. Therefore, you should expressly understand and agree that you shall take the responsibility for the risks of using our services and the services will be provided to you according to current situation and availability.

1818Lao makes an explicit statement that we will not make any explicit or implicit guarantees, including but not limited to the guarantees related to marketability, for certain special purposes and non-infringement acts, etc.    

1818Lao shall not make guarantees for the following items:

a. The services definitely meet your demands;

b. The services do not suspend, and can be used timely and securely without any faults;

c. The results which you get by using the services are accurate or trustworthy;

d. The quality of any products, services, information or other materials you purchase and get through our services meets your anticipation. You have full discretion in using the services to download any information or getting information in other forms, meanwhile the risks and any damages of your computer system and data resulting from downloading the information shall be taken by yourself. Any oral or written opinions and information that you get from 1818Lao or through the services don’t have any guarantees that are not made expressly in this agreement.

2. No Agency Relation between 1818Lao and Suppliers

1818Lao is the platform where the users identify the transaction party, negotiate about goods and services, and obtain various services related to trade. Meanwhile, 1818Lao shall not be involved in the legal relations and disputes resulting from trading between users, and will not and cannot be involved in the transactions. 1818Lao can not control or guarantee the authenticity, legality and accuracy of the trade information, the quality, security and legality of traded goods, and the ability of transaction parties to perform their obligations in trade agreement. 1818Lao can not control whether the transaction parties fulfil the obligations of the agreement or not. Besides, the risks objectively exist among trading with defrauders. Therefore, 1818Lao suggests that during using our websites, you should be cautious and apply common sense.    

V. Start, Suspension and Termination of Service

1. Application, Examination and Verification

1) 1818Lao will deal with the information you submit after receiving your service fees.

2) You can not choose illegal words and reserved words of 1818Lao as your key words.

3) After you successfully register and enjoy network promotion technology services, the information you submitted will be published on relevant search results pages.  

2. Start

1) You should submit the following information to 1818Lao to purchase the service: the information includes personal or enterprise information. The details are subject to the website design.

2) Within the period of validity of the terms of service, if your submitted information changes, you should inform 1818Lao in written form within three working days since the information changes. If you can not inform 1818Lao in time, you shall solely undertake all the adverse consequences.  

3) You should fully fulfill the obligations required by this term, purchase order of 1818Lao network promotion technology services and purchase notices, including but not limited to required registration information, corresponding testimonials required by 1818Lao, etc. Otherwise, you shall bear all the adverse consequences.    

4) You agree to pay for the service, but it can not guarantee that your request of network promotion technology service will be approved by 1818Lao; if the information you have submitted does not conform to relevant stipulations and terms of this Agreement, 1818lao will tell you the reasons of non-conformity or suggest you modify relevant information. 

1818Lao will provide you with the network promotion technology service in accordance with the relevant stipulations after receiving your service payment and checking your information. 

3. Termination of Service

1) Within the service period, if you initiatively apply for canceling or terminating the services with approval of 1818Lao, 1818Lao will cancel your account. At the same time, the contractual relation between you and 1818Lao terminates. The obligations of 1818Lao in this term will terminate, and the remaining service fees will not be refunded. After your account is canceled, 1818Lao shall have no obligations to keep any information for you or disclose any account information to you, or have no obligations to forward any information that you have not read or sent to you or the third party.

2) You agree that before 1818Lao charges you, 1818Lao has discretion to terminate your service password, account (or any other parts) or your use of service for any reasons (including but not limited to that 1818Lao consider that you have violated the literal meanings and spirit of this Agreement or you have done something in the way of violating the literal meanings and spirit of this Agreement). You agree that after 1818Lao charges you, based on reasonable doubt, 1818Lao can terminate the above services after 1818Lao has informed you in written notification. You also acknowledge and agree that 1818Lao can invalidate your account, cancel your account and relevant information and files in your account or stop your access to the files or the service after 1818Lao terminates your services according to the stipulations of this Agreement. After your account is terminated, 1818Lao has no obligations to keep any information in your account or related to your account for you or forward any unread or not sent information to you and the third party. Besides, you agree that 1818Lao will not take the responsibility for you and any third party due to terminating services.  

3) After the contractual relation between you and 1818Lao terminates, you understand and agree: 

a) 1818Lao has right to continue keeping your information.

b) If your behavior violates laws or this Agreement or the stipulation within the period of using our services, 1818Lao still can claim rights to you in accordance with this Agreement.

c) Within the period of using our services, your relation with other users will not be terminated as this Agreement terminates. Other users still have rights to claim rights to you and you shall still fulfill your obligations according to your commitment.  

VI. Regulations of Using Services

1. Regulations of Your Information

1) Your information includes any information (including data, text, software, music, audio, photo, picture, video, words and expressions or any other materials) that you submit to 1818Lao and other users in the process of your registration, publishing information or transaction, in any occasions of publishing information or in the form of e-mail. You shall take full responsibilities for your information, while 1818Lao only serves as a passive channel where you release and publish your information on the website.  

2)You agree and commit that your information and any “articles” you trade on 1818Lao (Articles refer to all articles, certain right or benefit, bill or security, service or behavior that are available for legal trading, visible or invisible,some kind of concrete articles existing in various forms. The term “articles” in this agreement contains all above meanings.): 

a. Not include fraud, selling fake or theft;

b. Not infringe any third party’s rights of the articles, including the right of the goods, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right, privacy or reputation; 

c. Not violate any laws, ordinances, rules or regulations (including but not limited to regulation about export administration, licensed business, trade quota, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertisements), this agreement and related rules;

d. Not contain contents of defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal threat or illegal harassment;

e. Not contain obscenity or pornographic content unfit for children;

f. Not contain any virus, camouflaging and destructive program, computer worm, clocked program bomb or other computer programs, which willfully destroy, maliciously interfere, secretly intercept or encroach on any system, data or personal information;

g. Not directly or indirectly connect to the following goods or services, or contain descriptions of the following goods or services:

(a) Prohibited goods or services under this agreement; 

(b) Goods or services that your articles connect or contain without any right;

(c) You agree not to use the service in chain letters, massive emails that are sent randomly, spam emails, copying redundant information or other relevant aspects;

(d) Use the service to collect other people’s email address or other information without others’ permission; 

(e) Use the service to make a false email address, or to mislead other people by any other means in the aspect of the sender’s identity or the source of the information;     

h. Not contain information that should be banned or not suitable for promoting or trading through 1818Lao.

3) You agree that you will not take any information for commercial use, including but not limited to copying any information displayed on 1818Lao for commercial use without prior written approval of 1818Lao.

2. Trading Rules

1) Product description that you provide for displaying on 1818Lao (including text description, picture, video or photograph, or any other forms) may be description of the product that you expect to have and sell or that you are looking for. You should classify the product description into correct category. 1818Lao shall not be responsible for the accuracy or content of the product description.

2) Trading parties negotiate with each other through explicit description of offer and counteroffer on 1818Lao.

3) You agree not to utilize a partner (subordinate user or the third party) who helps to implement blind or fraudulent intent to manipulate the business negotiation with another counterpart. 

4) You agree not to use any device, software or routine program to interfere or attempt to interfere 1818Lao’s normal operation, or transactions being conducted on 1818Lao. You shall not take any action to add unreasonable or disproportionately huge load to 1818Lao network structure.

5) You shall not take any action that may damage the integrity of 1818Lao’s information feedback system.

3. Consequences of Violating Rules

1) Provided that your information may result in 1818Lao taking any legal or moral responsibility or (entirely or partly) losing Internet service provider or services of other providers, then 1818Lao could individually decide to take necessary or appropriate action for your information, including but not limited to deleting your information. You guarantee that you own all the rights of your information submitted to 1818Lao, including the copyright. You confirm that 1818Lao has no responsibility for identifying or deciding what information should be protected. 1818Lao shall take no responsibility for the fact that your information is used by other users who enjoy the service. 

2) You shall bear all the legal responsibilities on your own behalf for the damage to the third party due to your violation of commitment and guarantee that 1818Lao bears no responsibility.

3) On the premise of not limiting other remedies, if one of the following circumstances happens, 1818Lao shall send out a warning, suspend, permanently suspend or terminate your membership, delete all your present product information and other materials displayed on the website.

a) You violate this agreement; 

b) 1818Lao is unable to verify or authenticate the information you have provided; 

c) 1818Lao considers that your behavior may result in legal liability for you, 1818Lao users or the Service Providers who provide services for 1818Lao. On the premise of not limiting other remedies, 1818Lao shall suspend or terminate your account once you are found involved in fraudulent activities related to 1818Lao.

4) If any violation of laws or breach of this agreement is confirmed by effective legal documents, or any suspected violation judged by 1818Lao happens, 1818Lao has the right to publish these unlawful acts on the website by means of network and make the punishment (including but not limited to power restriction, termination of services, etc.).

Ⅶ. The User’s Rights and Obligations

1. You shall guarantee that the submitted website links, information and website introduction contain no contents which violate relevant national laws and regulations or international treaties accepted or joined by the People’s Republic of China, including but not limited to the contents that relate to endangering national security, pornography, fake, violation of laws, slander (including commercial libel), illegal threats or illegal harassment, infringement of other people’s intellectual property, personal right or other legal rights and interests, violation of public order and good custom, or links to the contents.

2. You shall guarantee that the submitted information is real, accurate, timely, detailed, complete and accordant with relevant conditions, not including any misleading statement or false information. You agree that 1818Lao can confirm your information by telephone, mail, visit to the door, or other means.

3. You shall guarantee that the websites you provide can be available for users and that information, services or other functions in the websites can be normally used. For the websites that can not be normally used, 1818Lao has the right to terminate services until you notify 1818Lao in writing that the websites are available.

4. You shall take full responsibility for the contents, products, services provided by the website.

5. You shall use the network promotion technology service under the requirements of the terms of service and purchase requirements. You shall guarantee not to violate the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China or other files legally binding on you, not to infringe the third party’s rights in any form. You shall guarantee that you have no malevolence when registering or using the network promotion technology service, and that 1818Lao shall not break the law or contract, not infringe the third party’s rights, not face or get involved in the third party’s lawsuit or claim for compensation. If one of the above circumstances happens, you shall commit to compensate 1818Lao for all the losses arising from such events (including but not limited to litigation fees, counsel fee, compensation, etc.).

Ⅷ. Rights and Obligations of 1818Lao

1. 1818Lao is obliged to provide network promotion technology service for you in accordance with the provisions of this clause.

2. 1818Lao has the right to use the contact information offered in your registration information to inform you of matters concerned with 1818Lao network promotion technology service.

3. 1818Lao has the right to delete any website links that contain information or links related to endangering national security, obscenity, pornography, fake, slander (including commercial libel), illegal threat or illegal harassment, damage to other people’s reputation or benefits, infringement of rights or any information against public order and good custom. If your website is deleted by 1818Lao for the above reasons, your prepaid service charge will not be refunded.

4. 1818Lao has the final affirming right to the information, introduction and website links displayed in network promotion; 1818Lao has the right to make appropriate amendments to the introduction in accordance with the website contents to make it conform to relevant principles.

5. Whatever reasons result in compensation liability for 1818Lao in accordance with the law, the compensation shall not exceed the service charge of relevant network promotion of the year.

6. 1818Lao commits not to publicize your registration information including your name and address, except what is allowed by Privacy Statement.

7. All information that can be read on 1818Lao are protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws. 1818Lao respects and protects other people’s intellectual property right and shall not allow anyone to publish or spread any information, pictures that may infringe other people’s rights without specific approval of the right holder of the copyright, trademark right or other exclusive rights. Otherwise, the feason shall take all responsibilities for the consequences.

Ⅸ. Granted Right of Use

You shall grant 1818Lao and its affiliates non-exclusive, universal, permanent and free permissive right of use (and allow 1818Lao and its affiliates to have the right to re-authorize at multiple levels), which means that 1818Lao and its affiliates have the right to (entirely or partly) use, copy, revise, rewrite, release, translate, distribute, execute and display your information or create derivative works, and to bring your information into other works in present known forms, media, technology or in any other forms in future.

Ⅹ. Privacy

Based on the basic principle of protecting your privacy, 1818Lao shall use “Your Information” according to Privacy Statement in spite of the permissive right of use specified in Article Ⅸ.

All terms of Privacy Statement belong to this agreement. Therefore, you must read carefully. Please note that your information may be acquired or used by others once you voluntarily publish it in trading places of 1818Lao. 

Ⅺ. Responsibility Statement

All terms of 1818Lao’s Disclaimer belong to a part of this agreement. Therefore, you must read carefully.

Ⅻ. Notice

Unless there are other clear regulations, all the notices shall be sent by notice, internal messages, e-mail or other ways. 

XIII. Dispute Resolution

In the process of performing this agreement, 1818Lao (or the local branch institution) should communicate and negotiate with you to resolve the disputes due to your use of 1818Lao service. If negotiation fails, both parties shall file a lawsuit to the court that has jurisdiction power in the location of Beijing 16Lao Internet Technology Co.,Ltd.

XIV. Law Application and Jurisdiction

1. As an independent entity, 1818Lao shall undertake responsibilities for legal disputes concerning 1818Lao and other sites.

2. All the sites of 1818Lao are operated and controlled by Beijing 16Lao Internet Technology Co.,Ltd. and relevant companies. Any dispute about the website and website statements should be dealt with by the court of the location of Beijing 16Lao Internet Technology Co.,Ltd. and applicable to Chinese laws.

The agreement shall come into force from the date of announcement.

Have agreed to website rules and terms of service