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water color pen

Price: US $ 1.00 /Pieces

Minimum Order Quantity:70Pieces

Term of Validity: Permanent Validity


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buy via the cell phone

  • Whether it can be rubbed: No
  • Enclosure material: Plastic
  • Trade attribute: Domestic trade
  • Printed LOGO: Can not
  • Ink properties: Watery
  • Occasions proper for sending gifts: Advertising promotion
  • Place of origin: Hubei
  • written: 5
  • Color: multiple Colour
  • Refill color: Multicolor
  • Packing: Carton
  • package: Carton
  • Nib material: Soft plastic
  • Ink supply system: Ink type
  • Shell color: A variety of colors
  • Specifications: 80mm neck plug
  • Gift use: Commemorative commemorative
  • Brush type: Soft brush
  • Model: Medium number
  • Product Category: Four treasures
  • Pen material: Teak
  • Package form: Foam
  • Features: Change colour
  • Whether it can be active: Yes
  • Suitable for gifts object: Send girlfriend
  • Storage conditions: Room temperature
  • Perform quality standards: Enterprise standards
  • Whether double head: No
  • Give a disc: No

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    water color pen


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